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Went to see Moliere's Tartuffe today. Sounds highly cultured, and the adaption was quite adept, but the pantomime characters and the tendency of most of the actors to over-emphasise their rhyming couplets rather detracted from it.

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Have just found my passport, after about four hours of searching. Was hidden in the corner of a drawer which I'd already checked several times. I can now go to France tomorrow!

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I've just moved in with Alex, to a lovely house in Hunters Bar (still in Sheffield). It has three bedrooms (although one is too small to fit a bed in), and even a back garden with a view - in which we'll be having a housewarming BBQ on Saturday. I'll be e-mailing out my new address, but please reply if you would like it and aren't sure if I've got your e-mail.

Broadening the mind

I'm off to Budapest today, then on to meet Alex in Vienna tomorrow (this allows me to use very cheap plane tickets, flying with the only slightly obscure Wizz Air - the Hungarian budget airline)!

I'll post something about the trip, but I'd love to know about any attractions in either city which I shouldn't miss - particularly bars or clubs, as the guidebook I've borrowed barely touches them.

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In time honoured fashion, I'm posting because I'll be down south this weekend and until Thursday morning, in London and Godalming. So if anyone is around to meet up, just post/email me/text me.

Anyway, in my life, I just applied for another job at the place I'm working. It's got the same job title but pays £5,000 a year more. Unfortunately, 87 other people also applied, so I doubt I'll even get an interview.

And Friday-Saturday-Sunday I'll be working on the bars at the Leeds Festival. Who should I see who's on? I haven't even seen a line-up.

Have job, will soon have money...

I now have a job working for the Community Media Association here in Sheffield as an admin assistant. It's all very friendly, and while at the minute I'm the general dogsbody, I do get to do things like play with the media streaming (apparently it requires a terabyte of disk space and £16K a year of internet connection, which sounds a little scary to me).

So, I'm staying in Sheffield, but I may be available to visit other bits of the country at certain weekends - or you could come and visit me.

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Um - my computer is kinda fucked (I'm writing this from uni). When I turn it on, it's not finding the hard drive. If I boot from a floppy, I still can't see the hard drive.

The problem was intermittent at first, but now occurs every time I attempt to use the machine. Any ideas: a) what the problem might be, b) if I can fix it myself, what parts will I need, c) how much it might cost to get fixed?

Any thoughts much appreciated.

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Well, I wouldn't post if I wasn't coming down south...

I'm planning on travelling down on Monday, and coming back to Sheffield on the 30th/31st. It'd be nice to see people, and I could perhaps stop in at Luton or London on the journey.

If you fancy meeting up, please email/text/call me or at least get your contact details to me.

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In keeping with tradition, I'm posting to tell people I'm down south for a week. Would be nice to see people, could maybe visit Luton sometime up to Friday night if it suits.

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After looking for ages, I've finally found a nice new flat. I'll be moving in some time next week, thank god.

And it was Alex's birthday yesterday so we went for a lovely long walk in the Peaks (via several pubs). I'm rather enjoying being unemployed at the minute.